4 Methods That Prevent Flood Damage From Heavy Rains

Spring showers bring May flowers, and sometimes basement floods too. Take these four preventative measures to avoid water damage and needing restoration services for your home.


Clear Out Your Gutters and Downspouts

These are very important for bringing water away from your house to prevent flooding and avoid damaging your foundation. Gutters can get clogged up with dirt, debris, leaves, and even birds nests! Once per year it’s a good idea to pull the ladder out and do a visual inspection or debris or damage and perform cleaning and repair duties as necessary. Keep that water flowing, and flowing away from the house.

Clean Gutters to Prevent Water Damage


Install a Sump Pump

After a few heavy rainfalls or in the early spring if it’s warm enough, ground water will collect around the home and can either come up and flood your basement or end up in your sump pit and get pumped back out. Would you rather call us for water damage restoration and flood restoration or would you prefer to avoid all of that in the first place? If you do have a sump pump already, be sure to check it before spring hits and ensure everything is in working order.

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Backflow Prevention - The Backflow Valve

When the sewer system is overwhelmed after a heavy rainfall, sometimes backflow occurs and the untreated sewer contents can end up in your basement. Installing a backflow prevention device is a smart investment to avoid needing emergency restoration services for your home.

Backflow Valve, how do they work and how to install them


Install a Weeping Tile

What is a weeping tile? The weeping tile will work in conjunction with the sump pit and sump pump to collect ground water around the home and move it away.

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These four preventative measures will help ensure your home stays dry and safe from spring floods. Contact First General Services North America for all Canadian Property Restoration services including water damage restoration, fire damage restoration, mold removal, emergency restoration, storm damage repairs, flood restoration and natural disaster restoration services.