Tornados can happen anytime and anywhere. Here's what to do to protect yourself.

9/27/2018 10:09:00 AM

As we have just witnessed in the Ottawa-Gatineau region, tornados can happen anytime and anywhere. The widespread damage these caused is heartbreaking, and the restoration process will undoubtedly be very difficult for all of those who were in its path.

This might be the right opportunity for a quick reminder about just what to do to help keep yourself and your loved ones safe in a tornado.


Be prepared.

  • Assemble an emergency kit, containing enough water and supplies for at least 3 days. (Remember a battery powered flash light and radio, and any important medications. You might want to add some cash as well.)
  • Gather together important documents such as insurance policies, birth certificates, social insurance numbers, and a list of phone numbers you may want.
  • Have a plan for where you will go, and review it with your family.

Pay attention to the weather.

  • Don’t ignore weather warnings.
  • If you see a dark, greenish sky, whirling debris on the ground, and a loud roaring sound like a freight train – seek shelter right away.

Go somewhere safe.

  • The best place to be is in an interior room in the basement, or the lowest level possible in the building. Stay away from windows.
  • Get underneath a sturdy table, and cover yourself with a heavy blanket or mattress. Be sure to protect your head.
  • Remember your pets – put them on a leash, or in a crate, if possible.
  • Do not stay inside a mobile home. Seek other shelter, ideally in a sturdy building.


Tornado Damaged Home

Damaged Tree Caused by Tornado Winds