Types of School Emergencies


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Parents and school administrators must work together to ensure that students and staff are prepared for emergencies. The most important task is to identify the types of emergencies the school might face.

Here is a list of possible disasters that can affect the school – at any time:

  1. Air Pollution Episode. Heavy smog outside the school will affect students and staff susceptible to respiratory problems.
  2. Chemical Spill. These accidents occur outside the school but can still endanger students and staff. Smaller spills, such as cleaning solutions inside the school or materials in the science laboratories can also be a risk.
  3. Threat of Explosion. Spills within the school building, especially in the laboratory room, can cause an explosion. The use of flammable liquids, potential gas leaks, faulty wiring or chemicals brought to school by the students can cause these problems.
  4. Criminal Act. A crime inside the school campus.
  5. Bomb Scare. A call that threatens the school.
  6. Falling Aircraft. A crashed airplane near the school creates dangerous and emergency situations like explosion and fire.
  7. Fire (offsite) Wildland Fire. Bush fires near the school building, even miles away from the area, can escalate to high level of emergency.
  8. Fire (onsite). Fire within the school area can turn into a major emergency situation causing a stampede.
  9. Floods. Flash floods are always possible in lowland areas and when located beside streams and rivers. Floods can also happen during and after a heavy rainfall.
  10. Missing Child. A single child or a group of children suddenly disappears.
  11. Riots/Civil Disorders (inside). Students gather together and start engaging in civil disobedience.
  12. Riots/Civil Disorders (outside). Unruly crowds gather in the streets and a riot breaks out.
  13. Severe Windstorm. High winds likely creating heavy rainfall. This includes hurricanes and tornados.
  14. Threatening Individuals. Aggressive person/s acting belligerently inside or outside the school premises.
  15. Earthquake. Sudden shakes, mild and strong, can cause damage to school buildings.

Proper preparation of an emergency plan that encompasses these issues, along with regular drills and information distribution, are essential to keep students safe and protected. Parents must always cooperate with the creation and maintenance of school emergency plans.

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