How to Protect a Home from Fire

4/7/2014 2:55:00 PM


Home fires happen when you are most vulnerable. They are caused by a variety of sources. Fortunately there are ways to protect yourselves from the devastating effects of fire.

Here are our tips on protecting your home from fire:

  1. Install smoke detectors in key parts of the house, especially outside the furnace room, kitchen and bedrooms.
    Smoke alarms are inexpensive and easy to install. Use the dual sensor smoke alarm in the kitchen, garage, and bedrooms. The ionization type of alarm responds to flaming fires such as in the kitchen. The photoelectric type detects smoldering fires, such as a silently burning mattress. Best practice for smoke alarms: inspect the devices each month. Replace batteries and examine the wiring.
  2. Place a portable fire extinguisher near the kitchen stove and other fire prone areas.
    Cooking equipment is the leading cause of reported structural home fires. Leave a fire extinguisher in the kitchen, garage, laundry, and basement. Teach everyone how to properly use the device.
  3. Manage both the storage and disposal of household chemicals properly.
    Always look for ‘highly flammable’ warnings on product labels. When mishandled during storage, common household chemicals are dangerous. Do not transfer to different containers. Do not mix different chemicals. Keep all hazardous products out of the reach of children and pets. The best storage place: cool, dry, and ventilated areas like the garden shed. Never dispose of chemicals on the ground or into drains. Contact the local HHW (Household Hazardous Waste) Collector.
    For more info visit: Chemical Storage and Handling in the Home, Household Chemicals
  4. Design a home fire escape plan. Practice the fire drill with the whole family.
    Fire can spread rapidly throughout your home. You only have a couple of minutes to escape. Design the fire exercise drill to be completed within 2 minutes. Each member of your household must be able to get out of the house before the allotted time is up.
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