Disaster Emergency Plan for Schools

5/12/2014 10:00:00 AM


Children spend 6 to 8 hours in school a day, a location often considered their second home. Obviously, the teachers are looked upon as important guardians.

Both the teachers and school officers are responsible for the safekeeping of all the children inside the school premises. During emergency situations, all school staff must join together and act as one to make sure the children are taken care of and removed from any source of danger.

Every administrator must be well-informed and well-trained to perform essential duties when disaster strikes during school hours. Everyone must be prepared for any emergency rescue operations.

What are the Responsibilities of the School Principal?

  1. Assign a staff to be the leader and the one directly in-charge during an emergency.
  2. Connect with the local police and fire departments to receive guidance on emergency training of everyone inside the school.
  3. Perform a monthly review on the 911 calling procedure with all staff.
  4. Keep medical records of everyone: students and staff.
  5. Require everyone to perform the emergency preparedness drills every month.
  6. Instruct the teachers to send an annual letter to parents about the school’s emergency plans.

Emergency kits for each student must include the following: bottled water, blankets, flashlight, portable radio, and a first-aid kit.

What are the Responsibilities of the School Staff?

  1. Always attend training and meetings about the emergency preparedness plan for all types of disaster.
  2. Send a polite request letter to parents asking for supplies needed in evacuation for their children. Each student must bring an emergency backpack kit.
  3. Guide the students on the proper behavior during emergency evacuation drills.

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