3/20/2020 1:20:00 PM

Cleaning & Decontamination

Our long history of experience working in hazardous remediation services, combined with our specialized training in commercial disinfectant application equips us to provide cleaning services under appropriate safety methods and controls, with appropriate Canada EPA approved products. Our goal is to aid in contributing to the health and safety of your environment, and do all we can to reduce the risk to the general public.

Cleaning services performed under the following protocols and procedures include:
 Use of appropriate PPE including respirators with P100 cartridge
• Tyvek suit, gloves and booties
• Services provided are by Infectious Control Certified and IICRC trained technicians with industry leading infection control cleaning
• Focus on high touch areas for maximum effectiveness
• Disinfectant applied with specialized equipment, appropriate dwell time and cleaning procedures equivalent to health care facility cleaning standards

It is important to note, this cleaning requires the User to have been trained to understand the transmission from person to
person and workstation to workstation and to understand how to provide a thorough complete clean, including use of
specialty chemicals saturation levels and duration. All First General staff are highly trained in the use of PPE, and proper
use of PPE is critical on all job sites of this nature.