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Our property restoration specialists enjoy these benefits:

Up to 75% gross profit margins

One of the highest profit margins in the construction Industry

No bidding. No receivables.

The check is sent directly to you by the insurance company.

Recession proof

Insurance claims always happen and need immediate attention. First General has a large network of adjusters we work with on a daily basis.

Why join First General?

Because you will not get work from an adjuster!

Almost all restoration work originates from adjusters. To get this work you must have First General's training and First General's systems. The First General systems provides the adjuster with these tools:

  1. The First General systems essentially does the adjuster's job.
  2. Pre-set pricing, this eliminates wasted time and endless negotiations.
  3. First General Systems allow the adjuster to monitor the daily progress of the claim.
  4. The adjuster has accurate estimates of closing dates and a high degree of accountability for every cent of the loss.

Why is that important?

The adjuster's job, pay raises and promotions all depend on closing claim files. The claim files must be detailed showing where every cent was spent. The possibility of fraud is always present with billions paid out in insurance claims. First General Systems eliminates this potential. The adjusters handling more claim files reduces the insurance companies adjusting costs.

How do you know we deliver?

First General was named number one network by three of the largest insurers! We were recognized for delivering quick estimates, and closing files. We were measured against other national restoration brands. Our First General Systems ensured our success.

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Insurance work is not for everyone, a brief conversation will determine if this program is suitable for your firm.

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