A Happy Customer of First General

12/11/2013 11:29:00 AM

Just got this today… At First General we change lives for the better, and it is happy customers that keep us going.

Hi Ryan and Jessica;

All repairs related to this claim have now been completed, and we are EXTREMELY SATISFIED!!

I cannot highly enough commend, everyone from “First General”, as well as the trades who did the repair work! These individuals include the following:

  1. Ryan (“First General”), and his office team (i.e. Jessica), who kept us posted on scheduling and progress.
  2. The roofers who re-shingled the house, AND who removed all the residual “shingle tar-grit” from our decks!
  3. Doug, and his crew, who repaired the water damage inside our home, and re-stuccoed the ceiling.
  4. Johnny and his crew, who did the necessary re-painting and touch-ups.
  5. The ladies and men who spent hours sealing our furnishings, and moving furniture, to prepare for the indoor work.
  6. (specifically: Leta, Trevor, and Colin, as well as others whose names I cannot re-call. (FANTASTIC CREW!!)

All in all, an amazing group of people, whom not only represent your company (“First General”) extremely professionally, but make me personally, a very satisfied recipient of AMA’s claims service!

Thank you all, for your diligence and over-sight in seeing this claim through to it’s completion!

I would be most pleased if you would share these remarks with your head office in Toronto, as well as your senior management team here at “First General” in Calgary.

MERRY CHRISTMAS to all of you!!!!