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For over thirty years, First General Services North America has been the leading choice for property damage restoration services of property owners, insurance companies, policyholders and property managers during times of crisis and insurance claims. First General Services' members honor their commitment to you, our customer, because meeting your expectations and restoring your life promptly and professionally is what matters.

By choosing a First General Services member, you access the power of an international network of property damage restoration experts, while experiencing the familiarity and comfort of a trusted neighbour. It is you, our customer, who matters to us.

We Are Property Damage Restoration Specialists
We are First In Service


The First General Team is the best in the property damage restoration industry. Each office has the resources required to provide the highest level of quality service. Our Corporate Key Performance Indicator (KPI) program monitors performance and ensures a consistent standard across all offices.


Every First General office is transparent in all of their transactions. You will not work with a First General member that does not put integrity first. Our network is comprised of owners who put customers first.


In an age where every dollar counts, we understand the importance of value. Our average restoration cost has continued to decline over the past three years. We are accountable to you.

First In National Networks

We are one of North America’s largest property damage restoration networks with over eighty offices in Canada and the United States. We offer you the power of a multinational network, with the familiarity of a trusted friend. Each office is independently owned and operated. Our business model fosters individual responsibility and innovation with a strong core of accountability. Our offices are supported through a centralized national head office.

First In Emergency Response

We appreciate that property damage emergencies are stressful and costly. Our policy is to value engineer each claim to ensure the cost of emergency services is justified. That is why First General should be your first call. We respond 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, minimizing damages and reducing overall property damage restoration costs. Our Team has managed losses from one hundred to one hundred thousand square feet. Our offices are strategically located across North America to ensure we have the capacity to respond immediately.

First In Contents.

The First General Hub and Spoke model is unique to the property damage restoration industry, with its goal of reducing the cost and duration of your claim. Through our network of approved contractors, we appoint one First General office in each territory to act as a central processing facility (HUB). They receive damaged contents from feeder First General offices (Spokes). Our HUB facilities are fully equipped with specialized content handling equipment and highly trained and experienced staff.

Our CEO's Promise.

Frank Mirabelli, our CEO, and the entire executive team stand behind our independently owned offices. If you are not satisfied with your First General experience we will personally attempt to resolve it – please give us a call on our Customer Care Line at 1-877-888-9111. Our promise to you.

Make First General Your First Call in an Emergency



Our Services

Our results-oriented team works hard to deliver unparalleled service and always provides 24-hour emergency response, 365 days a year. First General Services offers a wide range of property damage restoration services to property owners. Whatever restoration service you require, our standard protocol is as follows:

  • Determine cause, extent, quantum and special issues related to your insurance claim with policyholder assistance, for presentation to your insurer.
  • Complete minimum required emergency stabilization services for possessions and structure as required.
  • Generate follow up reports complete with photographs and estimates for policyholder and adjuster use and await authorization to proceed.
  • Develop project schedule for contents and structure and provide solutions to any issues that may arise.
  • Photo or videotape the site.
  • Pack, tag, take inventory and sort all content items. Develop a plan for handling the contents and provide policyholder with documentation.

Water Damage Restoration

Water damage worsens as time passes. The more immediate the response and the quicker that water damage removal and clean-up begins, the less the ultimate damage and the faster you are back to normal. Costly issues can arise within 72 hours if they are not addressed properly. Only certified affiliates can handle water damage restoration. Returning your property to its equilibrium is a fine science that requires the right amount of time and equipment, and monitoring. Organic materials are used at the outset to stabilize the environment and minimize any impact to the occupants. First General has the network of restoration experts to complete all initial, ongoing and final stabilization of the property’s humidity levels and the moisture content of its materials. We commit to a two hour response time under normal circumstances and use sufficient drying equipment to complete stabilization in the shortest period possible.

Structural Drying

Our affiliate professionals have the equipment and experience necessary to handle the most challenging of situations. First General Members have the technology and equipment to handle all types of structural drying, regardless of the magnitude of water loss. Prompt action by experienced restorers like First General Services makes a difference when assessing structural damage to property. First General Service technicians concentrate on safely drying, deodorizing and disinfecting the areas flooded or damaged by water. Our “first-in” technology advantage, professional know-how and state-of-the-art equipment enables us to control the amount of damage you might incur.

Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration

Smoke damage continues to penetrate and attack exposed surfaces impacting the environment until cleaned with appropriate organic cleaning solutions. Boarding up of unprotected openings prevents unlawful entry and further damage. Once the site is stable and safe, a thorough scope of smoke damage repairs can be generated for approval by all parties, followed by the initiation of restoration. Only experienced fire damage and smoke damage restoration experts can eradicate any residual smoke odor and return the property to its pristine condition. First General has the network of restoration experts to complete all initial, ongoing and final stabilization of the property’s ambient indoor air quality levels and the odor content of its materials. We commit to a two hour response time under normal circumstances and will use sufficient cleaning resources to complete stabilization in the shortest period possible.

Wind Damage Restoration

The greatest effect of wind damage is often related to the peeling of shingles or trees that fall onto structures and cause damage to roofs. Hurricane damage and hail damage introduce additional restoration needs and if water enters the home as a result of any wind damage, the situation worsens immediately. First General has the network of restoration experts to complete all initial, ongoing and final stabilization of the property’s building envelope. We commit to a two hour response time under normal circumstances and will use sufficient resources to complete stabilization in the shortest time possible.

Catastrophic Storm Response

Catastrophic storms are increasing in frequency creating immense amounts of storm damage. If an individual restoration expert in your community does not have the capacity to expand its normal service offering. With affiliate locations across Canada and the United States, First General brings together teams of restoration experts from its affiliate network with additional resources to bear within a day or two. Head Office management orchestrates this coordinated response to assist affected communities as much as possible.

Vehicle Impact Damage Restoration

Vehicle impact damage to a structure can lead to instability from extreme damage to the property. Access must be restricted to any affected area so a proper evaluation can be conducted by a professional property restoration services expert. First General has the network of restoration experts to complete the initial assessment of the extent of damage and the peril exposed. Subsequently, all ongoing and final stabilization of the property’s structure can be completed under municipal codes and bylaws. We commit to a two hour response time under normal circumstances and will use sufficient resources to complete stabilization in the shortest period possible.

Inventory and Handling Service

In many situations, the loss of sentimental possessions is paramount to its owner. When fire or water damage requires the assessment of contents, First General has access to leading experts in the restoration of personal possessions. We orchestrate the presentation of all relevant documentation for you perusal and claim and assist with value engineering decisions. Damaged contents deteriorate quickly but immediate attention can reverse their decline and restore them to prime condition.

The handling and possible moving of contents to a remote location for more specialized cleaning, or in some cases putting the contents into sealed containers on site, are also normal occurrences resulting from an insurance claim. One major concern is always the ability to properly identify the contents and their condition at the time of loss. First General has the expertise and technology to handle a full contents inventory service with documentation. This inventory process provides a complete photo library of your contents and their condition. This process ensures that all document items are handled properly from the moment they leave your property, to the minute they are returned to you. First General Services provides you with a complete chain of custody whether contents are being repaired, cleaned or disposed.