Employers must be active in the creation of their own business emergency plans. Their financial support must be teamed with leadership and commitment. It is, therefore, important for business leaders to be careful when choosing the project coordinator from the personnel roster.

Qualities of a Project Coordinator

When considering a person to be assigned as project coordinator, the management must look for these qualities:

•    Sharp eye for details

•    Must believe in the objectives and goals of the emergency plan

•    Ability to think out of the box

•    Must be willing to go an extra mile to fulfill duties as coordinator

•    Always open to suggestions and changes

Role of the Project Coordinator

The role of the project coordinator is very important because he or she is responsible on the implementation of the business emergency plan throughout the whole organization. The coordinator must make sure all safety measures are observed to minimize, if not to eradicate, lasting effects on the business from any types of disaster – natural or man-made.

The project coordinator must create a complete team to help with the development and maintenance of the preparedness program. The team members must be handpicked from different parts of the company. These are employees with functional knowledge of all aspects of the organization.

Aside from the employee participants, the project coordinator must also reach out to public emergency services, contractors and vendors. These external participants are valuable towards the success and effectiveness of a business emergency plan.

Public agencies must include the following: law enforcement, fire department, emergency medical services, emergency management agency, public health, public works, hazardous materials contractor, the Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC), and even the customers.

To further identify the members of the team responsible in the business preparedness program, use the worksheet provided by ready.gov. NOTE: Make sure the fields for home address and contact numbers are all provided clearly and correctly.