Three Basic Methods to Drying Flood Damaged Buildings

5/26/2014 10:34:00 AM


Recent studies have shown that flooding is the most uncontrollable natural disaster and can cause extensive damage; flooding destroys many homes and buildings every year. It is very hard to control what can happen in a flood. This release will provide information on the methods of drying a building once it has been damaged by water.

Structural Drying is the only process that can salvage a water damaged building. This method involves the removal of moisture within materials by drawing it to the surface and evaporating it into air which is at a lower relative humidity than the material itself.

Care must be given to the choice of drying method. Drying varies depending on many factors like building style, type and construction. Professional expertise is required in order to effectively return a building to its original equilibrium.

Appropriate drying methods must be considered, to return it to its condition before the flood.

These are the three basic drying methods:

  1. Natural Drying – this is the slowest method of drying. This can be done by the use of simple ventilation like a fan.
  2. Convection Drying – this is a method in which high temperature heat and traditional air movers are combined while keeping the windows open.
  3. Dehumidification – this is a method which uses a dehumidifier to extract water through condensation. Heat can also be added to this process.

All three methods require differing amounts of time to achieve success. Constant monitoring of the process is essential to ensure accurate results, minimize the resultant damage and avoid other issues in unaffected areas, due to inappropriate drying measures. It is possible to dry buildings quickly with the use of speed drying techniques, but it may also cause harm to a structure if too much heat is applied too quickly.

In order to have better results, one should monitor the drying process. When you need professional help for structural drying and property damage mitigation, First General is at your service 24/7.