Six Reasons to Invest in a Disaster Preparedness Program

3/6/2014 1:46:00 PM


The devastating effect of any disaster to small business may be mitigated through efficient preparedness programs. A survey by the AD Council reveals that about 62 percent of respondents admit to not having any emergency plan developed for their business. That is concerning, as businesses are the backbone of our economy and provide many jobs.

Here are our six reasons why you should invest in a disaster preparedness program:

  1. Around 40% of businesses impacted by disaster do not recover. (Source:
  2. Customers do not wait for recovery. They go to competitors.
  3. Large customers want security in their supply chain and will ask to see your policies.
  4. Insurance policies do not everything.  Lost customers cannot be replaced.
  5. Government disaster relief can be of little aid to business.
  6. Small businesses are vital to community recovery efforts. (Source:

Steps to Create the Business Preparedness Program:

  1. Develop and create a written plan.
  2.  Define the goals and objectives.
  3. Invest the needed resources in the program.
  4. Assign key employees as organizers. Get staff buy-in and support.
  5. Review the program regularly. Revise when necessary.
  6. Make sure everyone is trained and knows their roles.

If you are looking for assistance with your preparedness program; call First General, help has arrived.