Home Emergency Response Plan

11/4/2013 11:24:00 AM

First General is Always On-Call

After a disaster strikes, property damage is often left behind. First General offers quality service through qualified staff members and industry leading systems. Our results-oriented team is hardworking and dedicated to deliver effective response in every emergency – 24 hours a day, all-year round.

We Offer Specialized Solutions to Major Types of Property Damages

Water Damage to property needs immediate response. Our company provides a nationwide network of drying equipment to stabilize properties in the shortest possible time possible.
Structural Damage due to flooding is met with the latest technology and equipment in handling all types of structural drying.
Fire and Smoke Damage to both possessions and property requires the most immediate response to mitigate damages. We use industry leading cleaning resources to eradicate residual smoke odor and restore ambient indoor air quality levels.

Wind Damage often results in damage to the outside of the property, especially roof damage caused by falling trees. Additional restoration requirements are needed when water damage resulted from both hurricane and hail.
Catastrophic Storm Damage is similar to natural disasters with immense amount of damage in wider range of inflicted areas. Our company expects the huge demand for restoration services in a large coverage of storm damage and thus, we bring together teams of restoration experts along with additional resources from other locations across the nation. Our company coordinates assistance to affected communities in the shortest time possible.
Standardized Restoration Service Procedure

After establishing requirements for a restoration, the First General team diligently follows a standard protocol, we:

  • Identify all the details related to your insurance claim.
  • Perform emergency stabilization services for affected possessions and structure.
  • Generate reports accompanied with complete set of images and estimates for the use of policyholders and adjusters.
  • After receiving authorization to continue, provide restoration solutions to both possessions and structure with complete project schedule to follow.
  • Create a complete documentation of the property before start of restoration project through pictures and videos.
  • Perform a thorough inventory and record all items – after packed and tagged correctly. Provide policyholders a copy of documentation
  • Customer Satisfaction is Our Top Priority

First General members are trained to work with property owners, property managers, and the insurance company. Looking for hidden damages is just one of the many skills acquired our restoration specialists. The First General Service members maintain high industry qualifications and guarantee professional execution for each project. Dedication, commitment and professionalism rolled into one – the First General property restoration service is designed to ensure 100 Percent Customer Satisfaction.

Use of Emergency Response Plan

While First General is there to help in an emergency, there are some tips you can follow to prepare. Families should create a Home Emergency Response Plan. The main objectives of a home emergency response plan are: to provide quick solutions and; to promote awareness to all possible types of damages and dangers caused during and after disaster strikes. Consider creating the following:

  • Evacuation Plan: Evacuation may be required during severe flooding, fire in the structure or the environment like forest fire, and catastrophic events like a hurricane. The plan should outline possible exits and a location for assembly once everyone is out safe. It should also outline family member’s duties, where need — such as collecting family pets and important documents (when there is not an immediate danger to life)
  • Board-Up Plan: Boarding up the home during evacuation is often overlooked. If you are required to abandon the house, as a family you should ensure the house is locked up, and utilities are shut-off. Both the water facilities and the electricity must be turned off. All points of entry like windows, doors and fire exits must be closed and secured.
  • Medical Emergency Plan: When a family experiences a medical emergency associated with a disaster it is important for members to have knowledge of first aid. Locations of first aid kits around the home must be known and accessible. Everyone must know how to dial 911 and how to report an emergency. Be prepared to provide the details needed to the 911 responder: number of victims; exact location address; nature of injury or illness; hazards to expect, and nearest entrance to access by the medical rescue team.
  • Fire Emergency Plan: Fire prevention is the first step to fire emergency plan. Installing and maintaining fire alarms is a must in every home. Fire extinguishers are must in every home. Family members should be comfortable dialing 911 to alert the nearest fire department. Provide the following information: exact address and street location; nature of fire; exact location of fire in the building – what floor and room.

And remember, when the immediate emergency passes, First General is here to help. We will turn back the clock, and return your property to its previous condition.